R410Refrigerant, advanced self-developed frequency conversion hot water system
Energy savings 30% Heating faster and higher in winter

  • Energy efficient
    Consume a small amount of electricity, and obtain a large amount of free heat from the air for heating; air-energy water heaters use 1 times the amount of electricity = 4-6 times the hot water of ordinary electric water heaters, and the annual average energy efficiency ratio is that of electric heating 4 times more
  • long lasting
    Similar to the working principle of air conditioners, the energy efficiency is up to level 2 and the service life is up to 10+ years
  • Safety and environmental protection
    No combustion, no exhaust gas; through the medium heat exchange, the electric box and the water tank are connected by plastic water pipes, the water and electricity are completely separated, the danger of electric leakage is eliminated, and the danger of explosion and poisoning of the gas water heater is prevented.
  • Convenient and worry-free
    5G Internet of Things APP control, no need for special personnel to supervise after installation and debugging, hot water can be supplied at a constant temperature and pressure around the clock. Automatically memorize various current working parameters after power off, no need to reset after incoming call, work as usual

Core R&D Team

11 years of ingenuity, promoting the development of the global energy-saving industry, designed for air energy
  • 7%
    R&D expenditure as a percentage of annual sales revenue
  • 10%
    The number of R&D personnel accounts for the total number of people in the company
  • 80%
    Intermediate and senior titles
  • 8%
    10 years of industry R&D experience
  • 60
    Accumulated patent application
Jia Pengchong
Proficient in operating HVAC software, familiar with the complete development design process and production process of air energy heat pump related products, familiar with air energy heat pump water heaters, heating and cooling machines, swimming pool machines, high temperature machines, and dryers. Field application and program design, participated in many times Designing large-scale projects and serving as a technical judge for bidding.
Li Guokang
In 2017, he obtained the intermediate mechanical and electrical engineer certificate, and has the following invention patents: the first invention patent: an air source cooling and heating heat pump equipment, the second invention patent: an energy-saving heat recovery air source high temperature drying machine Familiar with operating office software , CAD and three-dimensional drawing software SOL IDWORKS, air-conditioning heat pump unit: structural design; system matching and selection; electrical circuit design; product production process and market application.
Lu Xinpeng
Familiar with the operation of OFFICE office software (WORD, EXCEL), familiar with the entire process of the evaporator, familiar with the entire process of the casing, familiar with the entire process of the high-efficiency tank, familiar with the air energy production process, familiar with the entire process of the shell and tube and the development of various related Air energy products.
Xiong Weihua
Proficient in operating HVAC software, familiar with the entire development design process and production process of air energy heat pump, air-cooled/water-cooled screw unit, constant temperature and humidity unit, cold storage unit, etc., and familiar with the entire process of evaporator condenser. (The energy efficiency ratio of the conventional air energy heat pump independently developed is higher than the national first-class energy efficiency, and there are relevant reports)
Zhong Yaobang
Participated in the research and development of nano oil sub high temperature unit, familiar with heat pump system assembly, welding, system piping direction and design.

-35℃ Ultra-low temperature heat pump comprehensive performance laboratory

Advanced equipment, strict implementation of ISO9001/ISO14001 quality standards and national and industry standards

It has successively won the honorary titles of "National High-tech Enterprise", "Top Ten Brands in China's Air Energy Industry" and "China Famous Brand".

patent certificate

Guarantee quality from the source and create high-quality air energy products
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