Taking advantage of new opportunities for development, the 100 billion-level market is poised to develop

With the introduction of relevant policies such as "clean heating" and "energy-saving buildings", the air energy heat pump industry has developed rapidly

In 2020, the sales of the air energy heat pump industry will exceed 100 billion!

A huge blue ocean market is waiting for your nuggets! The door to wealth is open for you, are you ready?
  • good market prospects

    300 billion billion RMB

    It is estimated that the market size will reach 300 billion by 2002

  • The market is growing fast

    30% average annual growth rate

    The market growth rate has exceeded 30% for 6 consecutive years

  • Increased consumer awareness

    67% intent to spend

    Research shows that 67% of people have consumer demand

  • Large market vacancy

    5% market penetration

    The national penetration rate is about 5%, and the first-tier cities are 15%-20%

11 years of professional focus, join Jinmu Seiko, with more guarantees

Since its establishment in 2010, it has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of air-energy heat pump products, pioneered ultra-energy-saving technologies, and participated in the drafting and formulation of a number of national and industry standards, covering all categories of hot water, heating, and drying products.
  • 11

    Annual heat pump technology precipitation

  • 30+

    Product Series

  • 500+

    Product number

  • 1000+

    success case

  • 12w

    Annual output

  • High agency return space
  • Stable supply guarantee
  • 360 degree all-round support
  • Regional Policy Support

8 core technologies help you quickly seize the market

Industry-leading technology and strong market competitiveness
  • Super energy-saving technology

    More than 15% energy saving than peers

  • Intelligent control technology

    Remote Control Diagnostics

  • heat recovery technology

    Heat is not wasted

  • Modular control technology

    16 units can be contacted

  • Ultra-low temperature heating technology

    -35℃ normal heating

  • Intelligent frequency conversion technology

    More stable and power saving

  • Nano anti-corrosion and leak-proof technology

    The tank is more durable

  • Multiple security protection

    Safe and secure

Strong operation team, providing all-round franchise support

From store location selection to opening planning

From product basic knowledge training to super clerk development plan, we have a complete set of support and training system to help you quickly occupy the market!
  • Comprehensive training support

    Knowledge training of practical technology in heat pump industry, Tianshu product training, after-sales training

  • Pre-sales business guidance

    The business manager of Jinmu cooperates with business negotiation; the most professional engineering and technical team in the industry assists franchisees in engineering development in terms of qualification provision, product design, engineering budget, engineering negotiation, etc., and helps franchisees improve sales

  • Free on-site guidance

    Free on-site assistance for franchisees to negotiate projects

  • Free Engineering Design

    There is a special engineering design department on-site inspection and engineering design

  • Strong after-sales service

    Entrust agents to undertake local after-sales service, and jointly build Jinmu's "360-degree sunshine service" brand with the company headquarters

  • Promotional support

    Network, exhibition, telemarketing and other multi-channel promotion, strong brand communication

Strict market area protection

  • Taking the city as a unit, Jinmu only authorizes one franchisee to open a store within the local scope.

  • Taking the distance as the unit, Jinmu implements regional protection within 20 kilometers, and no second franchisee is allowed within the diameter of 20 kilometers.

  • As a brand owner, before signing a franchise contract, we will screen whether there are other franchisees within a reasonable range of the franchisee's franchise area, and specify the scope of regional protection in the franchise contract.

Jinmu Seiko sincerely invites you to join us

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    The first batch of payment from the agent to the company, providing co-marketing support
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